Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dinner tonight: The Ethical Chef Supper Club

Tonight we went to The Ethical Chef's Supper Club, at The Pot cafe in Cardiff. It was a fantastic evening of locally sourced (veggies from Blaencamel Farm), seasonal vegetarian food cooked by Deri. 

Slow roasted beetroot, cavolo nero & goats cheese risotto

Carrot and jerusalem artichoke soup with a lemon thyme oil

Polenta pancakes with a creamy leek, rosemary and puy lentil filling, olive fried charlotte potato pancakes, kale and porcini jus

Pumpkin pie with cinnamon cream and walnut shard

A great night, fantastic food. 

Here are some Ethical Chef recipes related to tonight's Supper Club:
Cheese and leek polenta pancakes 
Pumpkin pie
Beetroot and chocolate brownies

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  1. Wow, I just checked out the Ethical Chef's website. It looks amazing! I'll have to try and go. x