Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year! We're going veggie

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

I got lots of gardening related pressies, including a wonderful red Haws watering can, new gardening gloves, lots of seeds, and a red rhododendron plant. 

Sadly a couple of days ago I went into the garden to discover one of the panels on my greenhouse smashed, it had blown out in the winds as I'd left the door slightly open. Should have read the 'how to avoid storm damage' advice on the Greenhouse People's website...Ah well, will order a new panel tomorrow, in the meantime it's carefully blocked up with a piece of old carpet.

For January Steve and I have decided to go veggie and we're off the alcohol. I'm going to try to blog about most of the food we eat this month.

New Year's Day was celebrated with a trip to the fantastic old pub Plough and Harrow in Monknash for veggie meals (Moroccan Stew, and Glamorgan sausages [thanks PC :) ] ), and a wet and muddy walk to the sea. 

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