Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some time in the garden

I've been busy and the garden's been a bit neglected lately, but things carry on growing...

I spent the day planting out little seedlings into pots in the greenhouse (I put a chair in there so I can sit whilst I work, but Seren has taken to making it her throne where it's warm and she can watch me gardening).

Here are the potatoes that have been chitting, Pentland Javelin and Estima. 

I've put the potatoes in the soil, the Pentlands in the bag (potatoes grew so well in this last year) and the Estima in the soil bed behind.

Here are some of the seedlings, peppers and tomatoes, that I've now moved into separate pots.

I even mowed the lawn, for the first time this year! 

An Indian veggie feast, including wild garlic bhajis

Last Wednesday me and a few friends cooked up an Indian veggie feast. My highlight of the meal was these wild garlic bhajis - they were delicious. I got the recipe from the great blog 'Allotment 2 Kitchen', you can find it here. If you don't have any wild garlic to hand you could add some spinach instead. 

I also made some paneer (Indian cheese, very easy to make, it's just full fat milk, boiled then curdled with some lemon juice, then you take the curd and put in in some muslin and weigh it down for a few hours or ideally overnight). 

The paneer was to cook in the Aloo muttar paneer (fried potato curry with paneer cheese and peas) - I got the recipe from Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey. 

Here's Steve making chapatis - we made them with chickpea flour and they were quite crispy rather than the soft chapatis we're used to eating, but they were tasty, and gluten free. 

Here's the dal Rob made - very tasty, and nearly like the dal we love so much in Vegetarian Food Studio, but not quite! Recipe here

We also made Aubergine curry with tomatoes, ginger and fennel seeds, also from the Rick Stein book. 

Quite a feast, which we've been enjoying for lunch for a few days now! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Forest Fawr and a wild garlic sea

After a lovely Easter lunch (thanks Mikey) we went for a walk to Forest Fawr, near Castel Coch. I've never seen so much wild garlic! 

We had a nice time looking at all the wild flowers and things to forage...and avoid. 

wild garlic flower, very tasty!

bluebells on their way

don't eat this! It looks like wild sorrel but it's lords and ladies  and it's poisonous

an Easter egg

wild strawberries

a little violet

plenty of these about...pesky dandelions are taking over my lawn!

Mikey showed us some people eat the new shoots of ferns, called fiddleheads (they don't look too tasty to me)