Saturday, 28 January 2012

Let the chitting begin

There are no garden centres just up the road from me. So I find myself popping into Lidl and Poundstretchers every now and again, awful shops, but they do have some gardening bargains from time to time... Today I picked up some Estima seed potatoes, a rhubarb crown, and some garlic. I've put the potatoes in egg boxes for chitting...

I planted out half of the garlic just now, before I read it's better to wait til March. Ah well, the soil is pretty warm already, we'll see how they do. 

Here are the garlic and potato growing instructions (for my own reference).


  1. Ooh I might be quizzing you for garden advice soon. Will end of March be too late to plant potatoes?

    1. You're welcome to quiz me!

      March will be fine, you just need to pick the type of potato, you'll be able to grow second earlies or maincrop potatoes.
      This tells you about the potato growing seasons:
      And this lists all the types of potatoes, according to growing variety:

      The best potatoes I grew last year were grown in a big shopping bag (like a big ikea bag), with holes cut in the bottom, and filled with compost. It was really simple, and when the potatoes were ready it was like digging for treasure!