Thursday, 4 October 2012

No sloe

Today I went for a long walk around Miskin. This time last year I picked loads of sloes and made fabulous sloe gin with them, there were so many to be picked. This year there are none. The only one I found was all dried up and fell off the hawthorn bush as I approached to take this photo.

Where have all the sloes gone? 

Nigel Slater's green tomato chutney

Continuing the green tomato recipe theme...this morning I made Nigel Slater's tomato chutney

It smells lovely, and made nine little jars of chutney. It was very easy, and quick to make, not too many ingredients. Just going to leave it now for at least a month before it's ready. 

some of the many green tomatoes left in the greenhouse

the red tomatoes from the garden!

cooking away

a perfect pair

A katy apple from Dad's garden, and a tiny gardener's delight tomato from Grainy's garden. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Lush - green tomato soup

Just made this Green Tomato soup from a recipe I found here, and boy, it was good! I really recommend it. 

I added some purple sage from the garden: 

And used gungo peas (the sort used in Jamaican rice and peas). I also added brown rice, and some cayenne pepper from the garden. 

Very very tasty, one of the best soups I've made!

Lots of other green tomato recipes to try here