Thursday, 5 January 2012

A vegetarian feast fit for a king

Tonight the ultimate vegetarian feast: a visit to my favourite restaurant in the world - the Vegetarian Food Studio on Penarth Road in Cardiff. We practically live there, it's such a brilliant place to eat. If we have friends visiting us it's always our first choice of places to take them, and we have lots of requests from them to go back! It's such a friendly laid back place.

The restaurant specialises in South Indian and Gujarati food, which is also vegetarian. The food is so good, and it's such good value - their thali (a complete meal with starter, breads, rice, daal, curry of the day and a sweet is only £6). 

There were six of us eating there tonight, and we had lots of dishes and shared them. Here are some photos: 

Starters: Daal katchori, Paneer pakoras and Hara Bhara kebab

Main courses: Aloo Paratha (potato bread), daal and Masala mushroom Nu Saak

My favourite thing to eat at VFS - their daal. It's amazing! 

The thali

When we got home we went for a little walk round the block, followed closely behind by Seren and her new friend, the neighbour's cat Yogi who looks exactly the same as her, they're so cute together, they run about and touch noses!

We also put the Christmas tree out to be recycled - it's so sad to take all the decorations down.


  1. Pakora is my new favourite since a friends family made me them and pakora filling is amazing, when can we go here? x x

  2. We can go absolutely any time! In the meantime I'll send you a recipe for pakoras, they're easy & fun to make. We had so much batter leftover we made pakora mars bars. Interesting...x