Sunday, 22 January 2012

Food glorious veggie food

We've been enjoying some lovely veggie food this month (we're being Vegetarian for January). The last few days we've been eating out - on Thursday we were at our friend Lou's house. She prepared some lovely Goat's Cheese Tarts for starter, and a veggie chilli for main course, both out of her 'Easy Vegetarian' cook book. Both very tasty, thanks Lou! Then we watched Super Shark on TV, probably the worst film ever. 

Friday night we went out to Daquiris, a Mexican restaurant in Cathays in Cardiff, to celebrate Esme's birthday. Their bean chilli tacos were tasty, and good value, but I think we all ate too much!

Yesterday we were lucky, we got to eat a slice of Mikey's lime pie as he blogged in his Lunchbox Diaries. It was very, very good. Thank you Mikey.

Photos nicked from The Lunchbox Diaries blog
Then last night, after a concert at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay by the South Wales Clarinet Choir (a group I play with) 20 of us headed to Mimosa in Mermaid Quay. It's a casual bar type restaurant, and does nice food, but though they had some nice looking vegetarian things on the menu the 'butternut squash gataeux' which I really wanted to try was all sold out, so I settled for the monkfish with citrus cous-cous. 

Tonight after a day of cleaning the greenhouse and digging the garden, I'm cooking at home at last! We're having Hugh's North African squash and chickpea stew and it's smelling rather good.

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