Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sloes and blackberries in the hedgerows... and more potatoes

Sloes and blackberries in the hedgerows, I can't resist passing them on my way to work without talking a picture. And I ate the first blackberry of the season! 

Dug up some more potatoes for tea, I roasted them (with some wild garlic olive oil) and they worked really well, very tasty with the last few broadbeans and peas. I had them with some homemade lasagne. Lovely!

We're off on our hols for two weeks tomorrow, look after Grainy's Garden please Mum and Dad!
We're going to Dinan (near St Malo) in France, then on to San Sebastian and Bilbao in Northern Spain - San Sebastian & Asturias featured in episode 1 of Rick Stein's Spain, a new BBC programme. We're also staying for 4 nights in a hotel in Asturias that has an 18 acre organic farm, they have a gardening blog here. All very exciting.

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