Sunday, 17 July 2011

Potato harvest, and measuring up

My Mum & Dad came to visit this weekend, and I harvested some of the potatoes so they could take them home. It's so lovely digging up the ground and finding little potato treasures! Here they are: 

Also we were measuring up the garden for my greenhouse. Dad's found a lovely one in a catalogue with curvy sides, it'll look very stylish! We're going to order it after our holiday (off to France and Spain for 2 weeks on Wednesday), and the company will deliver it to our house. Most exciting! 

Here are some more sweet peas, I picked them last week & gave them a friend for her birthday. They smell so good!

Dad enjoyed drinking some Old Slug beer to accompany our Sunday lunch today in the Boar.

Talking of slugs, 12 were destroyed in the making of Grainy's Garden today. Some massive ones were busy eating my broad beans, grrr.... RIP guys.

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