Monday, 11 July 2011

Good potato news

Was chatting with my friend today, and mentioned my dying potato foliage. She says they're meant to do this, it means they're ready for harvesting! Good news. I've read a few of my gardening books, & checked a bit online here and here and it looks right. So tomorrow I'm going to cut off the foliage, leave for a couple of weeks, then see what the crop's like. They're Pentland Javelin (first earlies), and apparently they don't always flower, mine haven't. 

Here's one of the flowers I boyght the other day, it's an osteospermum (tradewinds) bronze, also known as an African Daisy, from South Africa. It's a lovely terracotta colour.

The strange purple flowers on the climbing beans are turning into tiny beans!

And the hedgerows are getting ready to provide a lot of blackberries!

11 poor slugs.

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