Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Home for a mighty fine tomato harvest

We're back from a wonderful holiday in France and Spain. More about that some other time, when I've been though my holiday pics.

My Mum & Dad kindly looked after Grainy's Garden for a few days when I was away, it's looking lovely, but I was most excited to get home to find tomatoes, red and ready to eat!

 And there's plenty more tomatoes on their way!

So today we feasted on a meal made entirely from things in my garden. I present to you, the ultimate Grainy's Garden salad:

Today's potato harvest:
 Those sweet sweet tomatoes:
 And nasturstium flowers, the first time I've eaten one!
The runner bean flowers

Sweet peas still growing strong!
The climbing beans that we're having for tea.

Oh, and I'm now the proud owner of a water butt. Thanks Dad!

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  1. Nice to see they all survived - even without me killing a single Slug !