Monday, 18 July 2011

More potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes and sweet pea pods

More potatoes dug up today: 

Made into a lovely dinner by my ever so wonderful husband. With sausages from the Pontyclun butchers. 

Betcha these lovely looking tomatoes are going to ripen when I'm on holiday! 

The lawn is looking rather wild at the moment (and I like it)

Amazing sweet peas: 

And some sweet pea pods I've collected (from some of the flowers I forgot to dead head):

A lovely Grainy's Garden birthday present from two lovely friends:

I planted out these courgettes today, some where the beetroot have failed to survive the slug onslaught, and some where the carrots have just failed. Oh and one courgette was growing in the rosemary pot, I suspect this is one of those pesky magpies who I spotted eating the courgette seeds, I think he must have picked a seed up in his beak and dropped it!

A lovely orange runner bean flower:

One slug death. He was a monster. 

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