Sunday, 10 July 2011

Raspberry planting

I bought these lovely plants at a garden fete yesterday, all for just £2. Four different plants, including Centradenia Violet.

My lovely work colleague has been enjoying eating some raspberries that she's grown in her garden. So this week she gave me a cutting from her plant. 

I've put it in at the back of my garden, by the wall and to the left of the magnolia tree. I also planted out some of the alpine strawberries that I grew from seed earlier this year. 

A nice little pea and broad bean harvest for dinner:

And some chives that we had with a potato salad. 

On the down side, my potatoes are rapidly dying. I really think this is because they're not happy with the clay soil. It could be that I've not watered them enough, but the potatoes that I grew in a bag (and in shop bought compost) are still growing well and looking healthy. I must dig this up and see if any potatoes have grown. 

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