Saturday, 10 September 2011

St Fagans Food Festival - storing the harvest

Today we went to St Fagans Food Festival. We had a lovely afternoon, eating tasters from the stalls, watching a food demonstration from Taste of Persia (who are going to open a Persian restaurant in Cardiff soon), and just soaking in the atmosphere. 

I went along to a demonstration from one of the gardeners in how to store food for the winter after harvesting it. She showed us how to plait garlic together for hanging:

How to store pears and apples in newspaper (so they don't touch and contaminate each other): 

How to tie up shallots for hanging:

And how to store potatoes:

Here's one of the big fat pigs at the museum farm!

One of the farmhouses, with the fire going

My favourite part, the row of Victorian terraced houses, and their vege patchs

Runner beans in the Victorian houses garden

Tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse

When I got home I hung up some of my own shallots in the greenhouse, very pretty they look too!

The festival's also on tomorrow, well worth visiting if you can!

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