Saturday, 17 September 2011

Miskin Scarecrow Festival

Miskin had it's first scarecrow festival today.

In the grounds of St David's Church, the local people of Miskin brought along their wonderful creations...including us. We entered a very scary Rebecca Brooks scarecrow which we had great fun making with Richard and Leanne on Thursday night. Here's Steve putting the finishing touches to her  lovely red hair:

Thank goodness she's out of our house, she was terrifying us every time we went into the spare room!

Here are some other entries:

I eat birds!

Black Pearl pirate made from driftwood (other driftwood art work available to buy in the fabulous Giles Gallery in Pontyclun) 
Wales Rugby scarecrow

traditional scarecrow

Scare + crow - an amazing entry!

Mr S Crow (plastic surgeon)

eco-recycled scarecrow

Miskin Scarecrow Festival in the St David's Church grounds

the Miskin Arms scarecrow (love his cauliflower ears!)
a gardener scarecrow

Voting has just closed, so we'll find out soon who won!