Thursday, 22 September 2011

The last of the blackberries

I picked a handful of blackberries on my way home this evening. The last of this season I think, the rest have already been eaten by the birds, or they've begun to dry up on the plants. 

I'll pop them in the freezer, they're great to use in American style pancakes (use instead of blueberries), there's a good recipe in Rachel Allen's Home Cooking - great for using up sour milk too! 

Surprisingly the alpine strawberries I planted from seed earlier this year are now producing strawberries! Well, there's a couple of them on the plants.

Here are some fushias that are growing in the greenhouse, that my Dad gave me, I've planted out one of them, but the others are waiting for me to plant out too. 

Oh and look at this fellow who has made a nice home for himself on the tomatoes:

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