Thursday, 18 August 2011

Now that's what I call a potato harvest

I dug up the rest of the Pentland Javelin potatoes today. They were the ones I grew in a big shopping bag. There were so many treasures in the soil! Look! 

A good harvest. 

Oh here's that little wooden stool I reclaimed the other day. It's so lovely. I sat on it whilst I was digging out the potatoes. Very useful.

A photo (especially for Marie) of the purple climbing beans! 

And the runner bean flowers:

And once the flowers are gone, here are the results! Mmm. We'll be eating them for tea tomorrow.

 Here are the runner and climbing beans intertwined. 

I found a much bigger caterpillar on the nastursiums today. 

So I popped him (and the flower) onto the bird table. Here he is, trying to make his escape before the birds swoop down to eat him (I think he was successful). 
 Lots more ripe tommys!
 And this juicy fat one is a Harbinger tomato.

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  1. Thanks for the flower photos! There are some similarities to sweet pea flowers, I think.

    I may even grow some myself next year. Very jealous of your potato harvest. This is the second year running that I've bought the seeding pots but haven't grown them!