Friday, 12 August 2011

Caterpillars eating nasturtiums

My nasturtiums are growing really well now:

 But look at these little fellows who are happily munching the leaves! After a bit of Googling, this blog here shows it looks like they're cabbage white butterfly caterpillars. I put them on the birdtable.

 And this poor cabbage has seen better days. Slugs, watch out, I'm after you!

I also pulled out the remenants of the one surviving beetroot plant, it wasn't really growing at all, and the others disappeared. Similarly the spinach I planted is nowhere to be seen. Grrr slugs.

Better news: on the tomato front, here's a lovely Chadwick tomato I ate today:

And here's some Florence Fennel that seems to be growing well. 

I lifted one of the shallot plants (one that looked like it wasn't growing too well), and though the bulbs are small, they look ok. I've put them in the garage to dry, I'll leave the others growing for now, I should really wait for a dry day to take up the rest. 
 And the radishes I planted the other day are growing so fast! And they're growing much better in a pot than they did in the ground.

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