Friday, 19 August 2011

Drying shallots and the last of the peas

Shallots drying in the sun

The jalapeno pepper plant has a few flowers

I cooked some of the potatoes Pomme Rissolées, which is basically sautéing them in a whole lot of butter. They were nice, but I think the Pentland Javelin are best when I roasted them. 

I also harvested the last of the peas, more tomatoes, rubber and climbing beans, and pretty much all of the basil I grew from seed this year, and we had a lovely dinner of all this with some salmon from Fish at 85, a new fishmongers and cafe in Pontcanna. 

The sloes in the hedgerows look ripe to me. Most of the websites I look at say they're ready to pick after the first frost, but I don't think they'll still be there by then. 

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