Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A sunny day, I got lots of planting done!

Just look at the foxgloves! 

A lovely warm and sunny day today. I got home from work and immediately went out to the garden. Late last year I dug up a massive bamboo plant, it took weeks & I felt sure I'd dug it all up, but I was wrong...I found some bamboo shooting up in the middle of the lawn! 

I planted some more carrots, and some more beetroot, the last lot was eaten by the slugs, so this time I've put the tops of plastic bottles over them to protect them. I planted out the nasturtiums, amongst the radishes and cabbages. 

I planted some fennel seeds. I also repotted the two sweet pea plants I've got by the decked area, they were looking a bit yellow & had grown too big for their pots. 

I planted some more mixed salad, and repotted the coriander plant that seems to be doing quite well. 

Some of the spinach has recovered, I thought it had all been eaten by the slugs, but some of the plants survived.

The big growing plant behind the magnolia tree (not sure of the name) is going crazy, and is growing some beautiful yellow flowers, the bees love it! [update: I think it must by a type of honeysuckle]

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