Sunday, 26 June 2011

Alpine strawberries in little pots

Wow, what a glorious sunny day! Especially compared to yesterday. 

I spent so much of the day out in the garden. I finally potted the alpine strawberries into separate little pots. There won't be any strawberries from these plants til next year.

I repotted most of the tomato plants, and put new canes into them, as they'd all grown right past the canes I'd already put in, they were far too short! As it's such nice weather I've moved some of the plants outside. 

I sowed some Wallflower "My Fair Lady mixed" and some Honesty seeds into the bed at the back of the garden (notes that I need to remember: the Honesty seedlings should appear after 21-25 days, then I should thin the seedlings to 5cm. They then flower in Sept-Oct. The Wallflowers need keeping damp, then thinning out to 15 cm apart. Pinch out the growing tip when 10-13 cm tall to encourage bushiness. Flowers late winter to spring). 

I planted some spring onions (white lisbon) in a pot. 

Here are some more photos of the garden.

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