Monday, 6 June 2011

Lettuce, herb and radish harvest, and a slug population update

Today I made pizza, so it was a great opportunity to harvest some lovely salad leaves, herbs, and radish to eat with them. 

Here are the herbs in the garden:

The rocket and salad leaves growing in the tubs are growing much better than the ones planted straight in the garden, safer from the slugs, I think: 

And the potatoes I grew in a shopping bag are flourishing! 

I went out with the torch as the sun went down, and...

Slug deaths today: 5

The population is definitely down! And it's working, some of the runner beans have survived being eaten and are working their way up the bean poles. The upturned grapefruit and lemons are great as the slugs collect underneath them, so you know where to go to collect them. I think the slug pubs are ok for the same reason, but they're not brilliant for actually killing the slugs, as the slugs tend to drink the beer (or milk) that I put out, then escape. 

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