Saturday, 25 June 2011

Honeysuckle in the rain

Rubbish weather today. Rainy & windy. Perfect opportunity to cut some of the honeysuckle that has got out of hand, whilst the bees aren't around. So pretty I had to put some in a vase!

Cut some sweet peas:

The tomatoes are growing wild. They're too big for the kitchen window ledge now, so I've moved them to sit by the french windows. Several of them are bigger than the bamboo cane.

Avoiding the expensive garden centre I ended up buying some compost in Poundstretchers! Only £2 a bag, and I got some courgette & cornflower seeds for £1, and 15 bamboo canes for £1. Bargains galore. 

I saw an episode of Gardeners World last night, they visited Gardeners World live and the Best in Show garden was a wild garden, with clover and daisies growing in the lovely long grass. Just like my garden! Inspiring to know a garden doesn't have to be perfectly manicured to be appreciated.

7 slugs had to die tonight.

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