Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ode to a wild rose

On my walk home today I spotted this gorgeous wild rose in the hedgerow: 

And these beautiful blackberry flowers: 

One of the neighbours has the most amazing display of lavender in their front garden. It was looking it's best today!


And the bees were loving it. 

In Grainy's Garden news, I ate some peas straight from the pod today, they tasted like sweets! Amazing. They will probably never reach the kitchen, I just can't help but eat them there and then in the garden. 

Another gorgeous sweet pea flower: 

My potatoes aren't quite ready yet, but I couldn't help but check what was going on down there in the soil... so I dug one up, boiled it, and ate it. It tasted amazing! So fresh. 

More tomatoes on the vines: 

And I planted some poppy seeds which came free with Saturday's Telegraph. Here's the packet so I remember what variety they are!

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