Saturday, 30 April 2011

Daisy paradise

Daisies have taken over my lawn! I don't mind, I love daisies. 

Gorgeous day, after the Royal Wedding party with our neighbours last night. I made a potato salad, which included some of the flat leaf parsley that I've grown from seed!

I have mowed the lawns, planted out some of the parsley, sown some carrots, and planted some more beetroot (the stuff I planted a month or so ago has all been eaten by a slug). I've planted up some wild rocket and finished off putting in the runner and climbing beans. 

The potatoes are showing now, so I've earthed them up. 

The broad bean flowers look amazing!

My compost has an ants nest in it, and there were sign of a mouse or rat having been in there... I watched Gardeners World last night which had a great article on composting, Monty Don tells me I should be regularly turning or moving the compost about, this disturbs the ant and rodents & should mean they don't want to settle in. There's a great article about it too here. So I'll poke my fork in there every 5 weeks or so, should do the trick. 

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