Monday, 2 May 2011

All day in the garden

A glorious bank holiday Monday; I spent all day in the garden.

I planted out some more peas. One of the peas is yellow, an albino pea! I've planted him out anyway to see if he grows, and if his peas are yellow too.

I potted some butternut squash seeds, from a squash I cooked last year.

The radishes are growing well:

I earthed up the potatoes again:

I moved 2 sweet peas in pots to the VIP area:

I put the plastic cover on my little greenhouse, the tomatoes are doing well in there.

Some lavender plants that I thought were dead are resprouting, so I've repotted them into 3 pots:

And I found a use for the larger stones I picked out of the soil underneath the lawn, a little border around the veggie patch. It looks much neater now!

I also planted some cabbage, and some more spinach as the last lot wasn't growing too well.

A lovely day!

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