Friday, 18 November 2011

Harvest: Florence fennel

I harvested one of my florence fennel bulbs yesterday. Some friends came round, and I cooked a brilliant Jamie Oliver recipe, butternut squash risotto with mascarpone, using some of my own shallots and thyme, and thought I'd also do a fennel and rocket side salad.  

The fennel has not really grown very 'bulblike', more like a stick of celery, I think because I didn't water it too regularly. But anyway, I pulled off the tougher outer layer, and chopped up the main fennel stalk and added it in with the rocket, with some olive oil and lemon juice. The feathery shoots are very tasty too, very fresh, but I only put a little bit of this in the salad as it's a very strong taste of aniseed, and it's not to every one's liking. 


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