Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cowbridge Farmers Market

Went to Cowbridge Farmers Market today. 

Bought lots of lovely things, jerusalem artichokes, veggie pies from the Parsnipship, and had a great chat with a pig farmer about the best cut of bacon for the perfect bacon buttie. He is really proud of the Cowbridge Farmers market, he say it's really different from the Riverside market which is more a place for people to meet and have a coffee and eat food they've just bought, Cowbridge is real farmers selling real food for people to cook at home. You don't get that in Tesco...

It is a great place, a shame to not see it busier. If you live nearby (it's not far from Cardiff, and a great place to spend a late morning), and haven't been, go! It's every other Saturday, 9.30am til 1pm.

We bought some Welsh wine from the Glyndwr wine stall - I've bought it a few times before, and it's really great stuff. We're going to have some with our Christmas day dinner. 

They've been having special stalls, this week it was the turn of the Venison stall, and they had a special display showing off their produce. Next time (3 December) the pig farmer has invited a dietician to come and advise and chat to people about diets and what they eat. 

Must go to this Christmas tree Festival! 

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  1. I do love the sound of this market and maybe will get a chance to visit it one day. I agree with the comment about real farmers market, so many of them these days are something else.