Monday, 7 November 2011

Green tomato marmalade

I picked off the last of my tomatoes a couple of days ago, there were some lovely big Harbinger ones but they were still green. 

I couldn't let them go to waste, so I decided to cook them up today, with the last of my shallots. I put them in a pan with some garlic, and some smoked hot paprika with a splash of malt vinegar, and let it bubble away for about 30 minutes. I served it up with a potato, spinach and chorizo omelette - it was a lovely accompaniment! 


  1. yum! my mum gave me her green tomatoes last year and i made fried green tomatoes (like the book/film) which, if i can remember correctly was something along the lines of slicing the tomatoes and dredging them in flour and then frying them....x

  2. Nice to see those last few tomatoes being used. My next door neighbour started a polytunnel greenhouse late this year & I gave him some of my spare tomato plants - this week he proudly gave me one of the tomatoes of a variety called 'Brandy Wine' - it weighed 200gm !! they are superb when baked.

  3. I probably would have made chutney, but have to say I am really liking your recipe.