Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hello Sunshine

Sunflower in the greenhouse! A lovely afternoon of glorious sunshine, hopefully enough to ripen all my tomatoes. Hard to think this afternoon that this summer's been the wettest in 100 years

I picked my first cucumber today, it tastes so different from the ones in cellophane wrappers at the supermarket. It was very spiky, and the skin was quite tough, but the flesh tastes so fresh. 

The foliage on my potatoes has all died off now, so it's probably time to get them all out of the ground, especially as it's so wet at the moment. I harvested some Pentland Javelin, there are some really big ones!

The Estima potatoes have done less well, I can't find many in the ground, and the ones I did find are pretty small. 

I ran out of garlic today for a recipe, then I remembered I'd still got some in the ground! So I picked it and cooked it straight away, it was very tasty.

Tomatoes harvested & eaten so far: 
3 x Gardener's Delight

Here's the first, it tasted so sweet!

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