Monday, 16 July 2012

At last, some good harvesting, and growing, and sunshine

Mum and Dad have been visiting, and helped in the garden yesterday, on a rare sunny day. We harvested some mange tout:

They were delicious with our dinner. 

Mum helped dig up my white snowball onions that I planted in October last year:

We laid them out on the VIP area to dry out. 

Here's the bed dug by Mum, now ready for some leeks to be planted. 

The sweetcorn are growing well:

And look here, my first tomato! 

Lots more flowers coming too on the many tomato plants in the greenhouse.

The lovage has grown really tall, way taller than the greenhouse. It's flowering, so I cut it back so that the seeds don't spread. It's a lovely plant, but I don't want it all over the garden. Here are some photos before I cut it back:

And here's the obligatory cat-enjoying-the-long-grass-in-the-sunshine pic. 

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