Monday, 4 June 2012

Cowbridge Physic Garden

Have you ever been to the Cowbridge Physic Garden? It's lovely. It's a small garden, and is filled with medicinal plants and herbs, in different sections representing different parts of the body or ailments, so there's a section for plants that are good for the digestive system, or your kidneys. There's a wonderful fragrant section, and even a dye section, with plants that have been used to dye fabrics. It's worth visiting at lots of different times of the year as it's forever changing, it's always beautiful and it's very peaceful. 

We visited on the same day as the Cowbridge Farmers Market (every other Saturday), also well worth a trip for!

Trained fruit trees

A Jubilee Crown sculpture

A bee busy enjoying the chive flowers

A fragrant rose 

Blooming elderflower (we also enjoyed a cup of Elderflower cordial from the Farmers market!)

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