Monday, 9 April 2012

Forest Fawr and a wild garlic sea

After a lovely Easter lunch (thanks Mikey) we went for a walk to Forest Fawr, near Castel Coch. I've never seen so much wild garlic! 

We had a nice time looking at all the wild flowers and things to forage...and avoid. 

wild garlic flower, very tasty!

bluebells on their way

don't eat this! It looks like wild sorrel but it's lords and ladies  and it's poisonous

an Easter egg

wild strawberries

a little violet

plenty of these about...pesky dandelions are taking over my lawn!

Mikey showed us some people eat the new shoots of ferns, called fiddleheads (they don't look too tasty to me)


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  1. I'm looking forward to goign there perhaps this weekend, got to get my wild garlic fix. As well as finding out from you abotu wild garlic, a number of other fellow bloggers who have passed through Wales, pointed this place out to me too.