Sunday, 2 October 2011

Onions and extending the veggie patch

I bought some White Snowball seed onions the other day. It says on the packet I need to get them in the ground Aug-Sep, so I'm already a bit late, but I've decided to extend the vegetable patch in the garden, so I want to do this and dig in the lovely compost to the soil before I pop them in the ground.

 So like I did with the shallots I've started them off in the greenhouse.

Here are the sweet pea seed pods I've been collected, there are still lots more on the plants, but I'll leave them for now, I'm still getting the odd sweet pea flower on there, which is lovely! 

Here you can see where I've begun to make the veggie patch bigger. I'm going to dig more of the lawn up, so it's level with the terrace (which we call the VIP area as it's got those red ropes around it!).

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